UHD SteelBook Protectors - 50 Pack

UHD SteelBook Protectors - 50 Pack

Pack of 50 Plastic-like boxes with UHD Stickers for you to apply on the spine in your desired location.  Great for protecting your SteelBooks and displaying.

Have an Ultra HD Blu-ray disc you want to put in your SteelBook?  This solves a unique challenge of knowing which SteelBooks have UHD discs inside on your shelf.

-PET (Polyethylene Terephthalate). -Acid Free and Ligind Free. -Safe for long term storage. -New, flat & unfolded

(holds open steelbooks or new sealed steelbooks, but not steels with slipcovers)


Movie shown for display purposes only, this does not include any movies.

$ 84.49