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Tenebrae SINGLE - Hi-Def Ninja Black Label Exclusive #1

Tenebrae SINGLE - Hi-Def Ninja Black Label Exclusive #1

Here is the first in our line of Black Label limited edition collectibles. Featuring a remastered and superb blu-ray transfer from Synapse, Hi-Def Ninja has focused on bringing the collector some of the most quality and exciting extras seen in the steelbook world!  This is a 3 disc edition,  Blu-ray, DVD, and a remastered soundtrack CD as well.

Each steelbook is packaged in exclusive slipboxes with commissioned artwork from some of the most talented artists working in the industry, along with exclusive and very limited challenge coin(s) found nowhere else.  There is one challenge coin per SteelBook edition bought.  The ultra rare red coin is awarded at random to select orders.

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$ 49.99